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The Causes of World War 1

Critically assess why historians disagreed on the causes of the First World War.
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Since the First World War seems to be a turning point in world history, the causes of the war and the question of who is responsible have been discussed by many historians all over the world. By this means different points of view have been formulated and published. Radical opinions, like Fritz Fischer’s in the 1960’s, were seen as very controversial in contrast to Erich Brandenburg’s contemporary point of view. Nevertheless, there is also a large area of agreement within the historian community. Historians agree that nationalism, the conflicts of economic imperialism and the accumulation of armaments as well as the rigid system of the alliances inclined Europe towards war. The murderer of Franz Ferdinand and his wife in Sarajevo can be seen as the final straw for this sudden break down of a system that had preserved peace for over a century.

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