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    ‘Multiculturalism is beneficial for the whole population of London.’ Discuss.
    Polylang English for Academic Purposes Essay

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    Britain’s imperial past, the labour shortages from the 1950s until the 1970s as well as the immigration from other European Union countries are primarily responsible for the large-scale foreign population in London (Koopmans and Statham 1999, pp. 652-696). In the census of 2001, the city had a foreign population of roughly 40 % (National Statistics 2006, online). This high percentage of foreigners requires cultural openness, an acceptance of diversity and a removal of fear and intolerance. The aim of this paper is to analyse the positive and negative effects of London’s cultural diversity with a specific focus on economic and cultural issues.
    London is one of the world’s major economic centers and has a leading role in international finance. A further growth in business and population, which results in increased job opportunities, is expected for the future…

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