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De Gaulle’s view on Europe
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The document extract, taken from the book “Memoirs of Hope: Renewal and Endeavour” (1971) represents de Gaulle’s view on Europe and can be regarded as a typical rationalist opinion. Central to his view is the importance and leading role of nation states. In his point of view, the nation states are the pillars on which Europe can be built. This view is opposed to the ideas of the founding fathers and architects of European unity. One of these thinkers and visionaries, Jean Monnet, was a member of the National Liberation Committee of the Free French government in exile in Algiers and he once declared to the committee: “There will be no peace in Europe, if the states are reconstituted on the basis of national sovereignty… The countries of Europe are too small to guarantee their peoples the necessary prosperity and social development. The European states must constitute themselves into a federation…”

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