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In your opinion are women seen as autonomous beings or as appendages to men in the narrative texts you have read this year?
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  • Assessment: seen examination
  • Mark: C
  • Year: 2005
  • Wordcount: 702

Otherness and the role of women are central topics in Angela Carter’s Magic Toyshop. Otherness is created by the categorical thinking of uncle Philip but also by the behaviour of the “other” throughout the novel. The role of women, which is defined through the male characters, overshadows Melanie’s continuing quest for self and degrades her to a passive appendage of men. This role of passive appendage even transforms to a complete loss of personality as in Margaret’s case. However, a steady challenge of the “other” to Philips patriarchal puppet household exists and finds its final expression in a fire of destruction with a sense of rebirth and repetition in the end.

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